CGA Interclub


Mike Gardner

[email protected]

For Interclub 2021, our initial group is the same as it has been the last few years: South Suburban, Red Hawk, Murphy Creek and Lone Tree. This is a match play competition consisting of 8 players per team [4 - A Flight (2-home; 2-away) and 4 – B Flight (2 – home; 2 – away). A Flight are players who’s 12-month Low Index (LI) is 10.5 or lower; B Flight are players who’s 12-month LI is between 9.5 and 20.0. All indexes are GHIN (not necessarily your tournament handicap).

Last year we missed the playoffs by one point. We finished with a 2-1-0 record but fell one point shy of the tiebreaker. If we would have earned that one point in our first match, our record would have been 2-0-1 and we would have been the Number 1 seed, but we did not earn that point, lost, and missed the playoffs.

For members new to Interclub, this is how Matches are determined - Each Match has a possible 24 points, with 12 points available at home and 12 points available away. At each club (home or away) there are 4 individual matches (2-A Flight and 2-B Flight) and 2 Four-Ball matches (1-A Flight and 1-B Flight). The individual matches are determined by LI, with the player with the lower LI giving the other player strokes as defined by their respective Indexes.

  • A Flight singles – our lowest LI vs. opponents LI (2 points available), 2 remaining A Flight players play each other. (2 points available)
  • B Flight singles – our lowest LI vs. opponents LI (2 points available), 2 remaining B Flight players play each other (2 points available).
  • The Four-Ball matches are also determined by LI, with the lowest index player in each flight giving strokes to the other 3 players (2 points per flight available).

The schedule for 2021 is:


South Suburban vs. Red Hawk

Lone Tree vs. Murphy Creek


South Suburban vs. Murphy Creek

Lone Tree vs. Red Hawk


South Suburban vs. Lone Tree

Red Hawk vs. Murphy Creek

If you are interested in representing the South Suburban Men’s Club Interclub team this year, send me an email – [email protected] and include which event(s) you would like to play. Players are not required to participate in all 3 events.

Hope to hear from all of you soon, Thanks,

Mike Gardner, Interclub Chairman