Live Scoring Instructions

For 2021 the South Suburban Men’s Golf Club will be utilizing an enhanced version of Golf Genius. Members will now be able to access the Golf Genius member portal directly via the Golf Genius mobile app. The most significant change is that players will enter tournament scores directly into Golf Genius after the completion of each hole. This will allow a “live leaderboard” that shows each competitor’s score in relation to par after each hole is completed.

Download the Golf Genius app onto your smartphone via Apple Store for iPhones or Google Play Store for Androids. You can the open the app and login using your email and Golf Genius password. By clicking on Member Portal you can then view tee sheets, results, player profile etc.


For tournaments each foursome will be assigned a unique GGID for the input of scores. The GGID will be printed on each player’s scorecard. At the start of the round designate one player in the foursome to input scores on Golf Genius. The scorer will login to Golf Genius app using the GGID. DO NOT LOGIN WITH EMAIL AND PASSWORD. Once logged in with GGID click on “Enter Scores” and you will see the names of the players in the foursome. After the completion of each hole enter the gross score for each player and click “Save”. The app will the automatically advance to the next hole. Repeat until you have completed all 18 holes. Note that for shotgun starts the Golf Genius app will start scoring on your designated hole. For team events input each player’s individual gross score.

Note that in addition to one player inputting scores into Golf Genius players will also keep each other’s score on a paper scorecard. At the completion of the round the designated scorer will click on “scorecards” in the app. Each player’s hole by hole score as entered in Golf Genius will then be compared to the paper scorecard. If a correction is needed, click back into “enter scores” and go to the appropriate hole and enter the correct score. Then reverify in “scorecard”.

Finally, the paper scorecards should be turned in to the scoring table. The tournament committee will verify the Golf Genius scores against the paper scorecards before the results become official. You are now finished and players can click on Leaderboard to view the live results for all flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I don’t have a smartphone? No problem. You can still login to the Golf Genius member portal via a laptop or tablet. However, you will not be able to act as a scorer for your foursome or view the live leaderboard.
  2. Who do I contact if I have issues or questions?

Joe Smith (303) 524-2763    [email protected]

David Condon (720) 206-9284    [email protected]

James Cooke (303) 859-5362    [email protected]