Singles & Team Match Play

Matches begins May 1, 2021

Signup begins March 15

Sign up deadline: April 19

These are limited field events

Singles Bracket
Team Bracket
Member Roster

Don Willson

Match Play Chairman


[email protected]

Brackets are Live!

Once you click the Singles or Team bracket link, you may see a blank page on Golf Genius. If so, click the Results tab to see the brackets.

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Welcome to the 2021 Singles and Team Match Play. Please be sure to read all information below as there are important instructions and rules that must be followed.

NOTICE: If you want to schedule a tee times more than 7 days in advance you must call Todd Marley at 303.770.5500 x43342 or email him at [email protected].

If you have questions please email Don Willson, [email protected]


Singles Bracket -- Limited to 64 players

Team Bracket -- Limited to 64 teams

Single elimination with four brackets established per Golf Genius’ random draw methodology

Completion of Rounds -- Both Singles and Team Match Play

Round of 64: May 1 to May 31

Round of 32: June 1 to June 30

Round of 16: July 1 to July 31

Round of 8: August 1 to August 31

Round of 4: September 1 to September 30

Championship Round completion by October 9

  • Team Match Play Date - to make it easier to play the first round of team matches, we have secured 16 tee times on May 21 from 9am to 11am for anyone who would like to schedule their match that day (first come, first serve). To reserve one of these tee times, please email Don Willson at [email protected]. Last day to reserve these tee times is May 18.

Singles Match Play Pay-Outs

1st Place – $400

2nd Place – $300

3rd and 4th Places – $250 each

5th – 8th Places – $100 each

Team Match Play Pay-Outs

We had 57 teams sign up for a total payout for Team play of $2,850. Payout for Team play will be 1st - $1,425  ; 2nd $890; 3rd/4th - $267.50 (per team).


  • USGA Rules Apply
  • Use standard South Suburban scorecards for each match
  • All matches must be played at South Suburban Golf Course
  • Handicaps will be based on WHITE TEES and all matches will be played from the WHITE TEES
  • Team Match Play format is Best Ball Net (aka Four Ball)
  • Players must determine and record their Most Likely Score on holes where they pick up. For any holes not played, a score of net par must be recorded.
  • Rounds must be finished within the time frames provided for each designated round
  • No extensions will be provided to players to complete their round – See Un-Played Match Policy below
  • The lower of tournament index or GHIN index will be used to establish a player’s course handicap for the match. The latest tournament index revision is posted here. GHIN index will be determined on the day of the match from the GHIN website or app.
  • Each player will receive 100% of his course handicap
  • Players will “wheel-off” of the lowest handicap player in the match
  • If the match is even after 18 holes, players must continue to Hole #1 and play until a winner is decided (please check with the pro shop)

Score Posting

  • All players must post their scores on the day of their match.
  • The Match Play Chairman will review scores to ensure rounds are posted and double-check accuracy
  • The winning team should report result of the match immediately to the Match Play Chairman, Don Willson, by texting/calling 720-314-6830 or email [email protected]


Brackets are now live.

Match results will be posted within 2 days of completion of each match (click on bracket links above)

Un-Played Match Policy

For matches not completed by the deadline, players may present their case in writing as to why they should move forward in the competition rather than their opponent(s). Cases must be presented to the Match Play Chairman on the first day of the month following the round deadline. The chairman will convene a panel to include the Men’s Club President and one other member of the Board to decide which party will advance in the competition. If neither party submits a written case, or if both cases are decided as equal, then the Match Play Chairman will flip a coin to determine who will advance in the competition.

Please direct questions to Don Willson, Match Play Chairman, at 720-314-6830 or [email protected]