Tournament Signup & Payment Procedures

The deadline to sign up AND pay for tournaments is 5:00pm Saturday one week prior to the tournament.

We will not be using credit card authorizations in the pro shop this year. 


Tournament Signup

1. Click Tournament Signup, which will take you to Golf Genius. Sign in and select the tournament(s) you wish to play. Note that tournaments will be available about two months ahead of time. You can also use the Golf Genius mobile app to sign up.

Tournament Payment

2. Next, click Tournament Payment, which will take you to the golf catalog page on the South Suburban website. Sign in, scroll to SSGC Club, and follow the prompts on each page. For detailed instructions, see below.

DETAILED PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS (if you feel you need them)

click a screen shot to enlarge it

After clicking the Tournament Payment button above, you will be taken to this screen. Enter your credentials and click the Login button. Don't create a new account. Email is the one used when you signed up for the club. If you don't know your password, click Forgot Password to reset it.

Scroll down until you see SSGC Men's Club. Click it and the screen will expand to show the current list of tournaments that are available. Note that tournaments are available about two months in advance.

Select the tournament you wish to pay for.

Depending on your account, you may have multiple family members listed. Be sure to check your name, then click Add to Cart. Reepeat to add more tournaments to your cart if desired, then click Checkout.

Click the box to agree to the terms (mandatory). If you wish to prepay for a cart or range balls, change the No to a Yes on the corresponding line, then click Submit Responses on the right. Note that you can still pay for a cart and balls in the pro shop on the day of the tournament.

Click the Save Card button if you wish to save your credit card for future payments. Check that your total is correct, then click Continue to Payment

Fill out the form and click Make Payment. If you checked Save Card from the previous screen, the card information should be populated for future signups and you won't have to fill out this screen.

The transaction receipt will list the tournaments, cart and range balls you've paid for. Enter your email address at the top and click the email icon if you want the receipt emailed to you.